RUNNER BEANS -Lady Di ~Easy to grow ~ Plentiful and Tasty ~ 10/20 Beans

Quantity: 10 beans
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Feel like a pro with runner beans. Its is likely that all beans will germinate and within a short space of time 912 - 16 weeks) they will reward you with a tasty and plentiful vrop. THERE IS STILL PLENTY OF TIME TO PLANT, even mid June

Growing your own food is quite amazing…and something we have lost touch with. The runner bean is a good place to start.

These are surplus from a large group purchase between friends. We bought way too much from a wholesaler 😍😍😍

They are trird and tested. Planted a few weeks ago, with more in pots now. I will be awash with runners this year 😀

We have 4 varieties of bean and quantities of 10 or 20 beans. Ost people will be pleased with the yield on 10 beans

Beans are at their best when 15-20 cm long, when they grow bigger they can become stringy.
If you dont plant all of your beans this year, they are likely to grow next year. A great plant in all respects.

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