Ralston Fabrics is a small online fabric company. We do not have a shop, we operate from a warehouse and an office. All of our sales come from the telephone and the internet.

Because our overheads are a little bit lower, we offer our fabrics at better price. We do not have the costs of a shop to consider.

We specialise in Velvet, we sell a lot of it, in fact we send Velvet and other fabrics all over the world...

So what Fabrics do we sell?

Cotton Dressmaking Velvet - our main business, currently offering in the region of 23 colours. Our own Truly Sumptuous range is expanding (currently 13 colours as of Nov 2018). We can offer consitency of colour and quality, which is currently a proclem in the textile industry. Batches of fabric can vary in both colour and feel/quality.

Furnishing Velvets

Cotton Dressmaking Velveteens

Towelling - Our Truly Sumptuous range of 13 colours is very popular. The colours are bright and lovely.

Towelling - we offer a small range of nice Terry Towelling, it is very popular.

Muslin - we offer a beautiful egptian Draping Muslin as part of our regular stocks.

Linen - our Linen is fantastic quality

Coloured Curtain Lining

Corduroy - our corduroys are clearance fabrics at present, but we may offer corduroy as regular stock, when our clearance range runs out.


Clearance fabrics - we offer a range of clearance fabrics, we go for the unusual and we like to offer fabrics that you will not see anywhere else...

Unusual fabrics

Curtain Fabrics

Upholstery Fabrics - most of our Upholstery fabrics are clearance.

Our fabrics are almost all natural fibres, this is what our customers seem to like. They are all of above average quality, we don't like cheap fabric. We aim to offer good quality fabrics at reasonable prices.

We are friendly and helpful and we hope that you find shopping with us apleasure!!

Any feedback is appreciated, we will always listen  :-)