The Sloppy Seamstress



This is my blog, which will only be very occasional, I will show you some of the (probably quite strange!) things you can do with (generally) our fabrics. 

Now I am not formally trained and I don't sit at my machine for hours on end. I am and APPALLING  seamstress, but I like nothing better than to spend the occasional evening at my sewing machine, usually accompanied by a glass of wine (but not always - makes the seams even more crooked LOL).

One day, I will tackle something complicated, like a pair of linen trousers.. In fact I need a pair of linen trousers, but I just don't feel brave enough to take it on yet. I WILL  make a skirt out of our Istanbulia printed velveteen, because it is SOOO hippy.

Wouldn't you like a little skirt made out of this? I am thinking a gathered over knee skirt to wear over leggings. I have a wide piece of elastic  to attach as a waist band, so no complicated things like zips (this is called the sloppy seamstress is it not? It is pinned together - and has been for about three months. It will get done one day!!


I also like to make cushions, this is actually my main pastime. This is one using our Teal Velveteen

Actually, I Mum made this, I only designed it. I would have done a MUCH worse job!!


And Bags....I make most of my bags nowadays, with this carrier bag tax it makes sense doesn't it? This was one of my first. A customer saw it and she screamed with laughter. the hems are not done properly and inside it is very untidy. But it works and I have used it for a long time, maybe two years. this fabric has sold our now, so no ideas for this one I'm afraid.

It doesn't look that bad does it? The  difficult bit was creating the "gusset" - is that the right word?? It is not simply two pieces of cloth sewn together. The bottom of the bag  has a panel (?) (really badly explained but hopefully you know what I mean).

Anyway,  I will sign off with the motto "Celebrate the art of creation - however amateur."

and another: "Everyone is rubbish at the start" i think that was Aristotle, but it might not have been!

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